About Kem Lee

Kem has dedicated her life to helping young people, families, and teams harness the healing power of yoga to center their minds, empower their bodies, and relax their spirits. Based in the Atlanta / Buckhead area, Kem Lee hosts students of all ages at her home studio, and travels the country teaching the values and practice of yoga to audiences large and small.

Yoga & Meditation

There’s a reason that people who practice yoga feel the desire to spread the good news: our practice delivers results, and in the most breathtaking ways. Unlike other methods of strengthening and invigorating your physical and mental state, yoga and meditation are, at their core, peaceful exercises

To the stressed out parent, the distracted young person, or the overloaded worker, this sounds daunting. Or maybe too good to be true. But the proof is in the practice. Our classes have helped children and young adults find their center, helped parents find their capable selves again, and helped entire teams of employees combat their problems with ease.

If you’re still questioning, come in for a consultation, or check out our contact page. We’d love to answer any questions you may have.

East•West Jewelry

Take your peace of mind with you. Our East•West Jewelry line puts your chakras in focus, giving you the “just got out of a class” feeling all day long. Make your yoga lifestyle complete with our crosses, bars, and bracelets.

Chakra Bar from East•West

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Our most impactful piece, the Chakra Bar necklace uses seven semiprecious gemstones to channel the seven chakras, empowering your energy with an elegant and earth-forward design.

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Chakra Bracelet from East•West

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The understated simplicity of the Chakra Bracelet makes it the perfect day-to-day yoga lifestyle accompaniment. Channel and celebrate your chakras with these powerful pieces.

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Full Circle Collar from East•West

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An affordable piece to accompany pendant necklaces and other showpieces. Imbue your wardrobe with this thoughtful reminder to center yourself in the circle of life.

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Chakra Cross from East•West

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A supercharged East•West creation. The traditional design is specifically suited to create a calming effect, and dramatically enhance the power of your seven chakras as you face the challenges ahead.

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The semiprecious gemstones that we utilize at East•West Jewelry correspond to specific chakras: the energy centers located from the base of your spine to the top of your heart. Learn more about our collection by visiting the East•West website.

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