Emotional Minimalist

It is basic to be a minimalist with material objects. It is commanding to be a minimalist with your emotions.

The training with Dharma Yoga, in addition to my love of Buddhist texts, has encouraged me to distill my emotions and be an emotional minimalist. I find it easy to maintain a veneer of composure while inside my thoughts swirl with drama. I know the “what if?” thoughts of marinating anxiety. I recognize my hungry ghost thoughts wanting an updated bathroom. I identify the desire to find flaws in those who out-perform me.

To be an emotional minimalist, I have to drop the emotional orphan that dwells in me. The emotional hoarder that wants to fill the empty spaces of my mind and latch on to thoughts. The orphan feels that she never had enough and needs to store unnecessary words in my head.

The orphan believes that she must take and take more so that her earth siblings do not ‘win.”

This summer I gave away cookbooks, vintage yoga clothes and (gasp) designer jeans that never worked with my style. I gave away extra coffee mugs and silver plated candlesticks. I have been distilling materialistically. Now it is time to distill emotionally.

Chanting the Dharma favorite, “Lokha, Samastha, Sukhino, Bhavanthu” has helped me clarify and distill my overly accessorized mental space.

The mantra loosely means “may all beings be happy, may all beings be free from suffering.”



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