Love in 3-D During Holiday Season

Some of the best family movies of the year are released in theaters from during the period of Thanksgiving thru Christmas. Movie attendance rises during these colder months, especially when students are out of school and many businesses close for the holidays.

Likewise, Thanksgiving thru Christmas are also traditionally family weeks with attendance required. Family members, like me, anticipate moments of holiday bliss served with DNA chafe sauce around the dining room table.

My goal this season is to LOVE and ACCEPT my family in three dimensions. I will put my 3-D movie glasses on to appreciate my family in depth.
I want to expand beyond the flat planes of my judging mind and remember the positive qualities I have observed in each family member. The uncle who is two hours late (again) for Thanksgiving dinner? I will focus on his ability to be totally present when he is with our family.

The daughter who is always asking “when is it ready?” I will remember she patiently helps in the arena that suits her best. This daughter helped my dad code his website.

My dog who will probably steal some turkey and have gastrointestinal distress? She cuddles with unconditional love.

So join me and put on your 3-D glasses on this holiday season. Together we can embrace a richer and more interesting family movie. What is the title of your movie?

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