Where Is Your Sweet Spot in the Day?

When your life is good on paper and you are constantly grumpy, tired and lacking in joy, then you are not balanced. You are not finding distinct sweet spots in your day.

I learned the hard way that I had to find distinct sweet spots in my day, every day. Buddhist teachings remind us that joy is our birthright and it took me forty-five years to find joy by scheduling sweet spots in my day.

Before I went on insulin, I was pushing aggressively to manage my blood sugar with over exercising, under eating and extra working. I probably had adrenal fatigue. My hair was dramatically thinning and I was always tense. The online tests for adrenal burnout matched my physical symptoms. I was mentally inflamed with my self-flagellating habits.

I finally decided to surrender to my body and depend on insulin to manage my insulin. Insulin allowed me to eat more, exercise less and enjoy sweet spots in my day. Doing less gave me more joy. I became a kinder, softer person to my family and friends when I surrendered to the power of medicine. My life became sweet.

Where is your sweet spot? My first sweet spot is in the morning when I awaken long before the family, around 4:30 am. I enjoy my matcha tea without having to feed our cat and dog. I actually enjoy emptying the dishwasher without my husband, son and daughters buzzing around the kitchen. I meditate without any texts or phone calls needing a response. This early wake up grounds me. I feel nourished by meeting my day quietly and with organization. It is said that when you win the morning you win the day. I feel the “win” when I awaken early.

Around 1:30 pm I enjoy my second scheduled sweet spot. I usually attend a yoga class at noon and return home to eat a slow lunch and enjoy my favorite websites. I adore design and health blogs. I waltz thru my bookmarks of favorite websites. This period is designated pleasure time before I work again.

My final sweet spot is before bedtime. I head to bed before my husband and turn on my diffuser with frankincense oil and read. I am surrounded by the pillows and heavy blankets that drive him crazy. This quiet time away from the coats, cups and mail (that remind me there is always housework waiting) helps me decompress.

I cannot hit this sweet spot three times a day when I travel for work, attend swim meets and spend long weekend days photographing clients. I can downgrade my expectations on these days and rename what is sweet.

Where is your sweet spot in your day?


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